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In 2014, I was utterly obsessed with Minecraft. But I wasn't just playing—I was crafting. Crafting mods, to be exact. Without even realizing it, I had stumbled into the amazing world of coding.

Fast-forward to the present day, and I've been fortunate enough to bring my dreams to life in VR. I've worked on immersive VR applications that, quite honestly, feel like I'm living out my Minecraft modding dreams on a grand scale.

I've also been exploring the complexities of AI and have found it to be as fascinating as it is challenging. I'm equally drawn to web development's creativity, creating everything from freelance projects to random web games.

When the screen's glow gets a bit too bright, you'll find me in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and flavors. If I'm not burning pasta, I'm either out on the soccer field or on my couch, catching the latest F1 race.

So, welcome to my world. It's a mix of VR, AI, and pasta sauce. I wouldn't have it any other way.

May 2023August 2023

Software Engineering Intern

Imagine having to manually process 1.2 million receipts a year for trip reimbursements. Sounds tedious, right? Well, I had the privilege of leading a project that drastically simplified this process. I developed an AI-powered OCR model that took over the job of reading receipts, reducing input time by 43% and cut down on user errors by 67%. On top of that, I got to flex my skills in Vue.js and .NET, crafting a slick front-end interface.

May 2022August 2023

Software Engineering Intern

At East Point Energy, I spearheaded a neat project that automated our old, time-consuming battery prospecting process. This cut the process time in half and virtually eliminated user errors. Plus, I got to design a user-friendly Python platform that automatically fed prospecting data into Salesforce, saving us a solid two hours on each bulk input.

January 2023Present

Undergraduate Researcher

Led development on a research initiative aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety, I was responsible for creating a VR simulator using Unity, which mirrored real-world downtown traffic scenarios. My role involved developing and testing a multitude of bike lane configurations within this virtual reality environment. This project allowed us to utilize the power of simulation technology to explore and propose optimal urban planning solutions, thereby improving overall safety.

May 2023Present

Undergraduate Researcher

Pioneered new additions to the ROS F1/10 and IAC Racing Simulators, substantially improving simulation fidelity to real- world racing conditions and boosting the effectiveness of our autonomous racecar. Competed in the Indy Autonomous Challenge, achieving the accolade of Fastest American Team